Ass-less Shorts

What is it with this new fashion fad where your shorts are so short that LITERALLY your ass is hanging out. No one wants to see that outside of a porn film or a gentleman’s club.



I find it funny when someone says they want to stay your best friend and then pretend you don’t exist.

Glad to know how much you are FULL OF SHIT. GTFO and stay out. (:


To Those Who Gave Up on Themselves

When you give up all you’ve worked on to follow behind someone else who stands for everything you’re against that’s defined as: losing your self integrity.

Losing your self integrity means that you essentially have no spine. You have no backbone. You cannot find the will to stand up for yourself and what you believe in. This means that you are another individual gone by the wayside. And what do we call that? A coward.

Cowards cannot see beyond what is right in front of them. Sure, it might be good to work with someone who has all the right techniques to get you noticed and out there. But what about the fact that they are single-handedly changing everything about you. You didn’t used to do the things you do now. You didn’t believe in the things you do now.

And if changing yourself is not enough for you, what about the fact that they are changing YOUR dream? Is that enough to make you realize how much you are giving up for someone else?

You may not realize it now, but you are giving up everything you believed in just because you think someone can do your dream better. Which is totally and completely wrong. Too bad you won’t realize it until you’ve lost everything and everyone who believed in you and your dreams.

And now what are you? A loser. Good luck in life, loser.


My Story

Who am I? Why do I consider myself a pretentious hipster?

I am a 90s kid. I was born in a small town north of Atlanta, Georgia. I have incredibly supportive parents and a very loving, bright, and very original older brother. He is the source for most of my “hipster” qualities.

From a young age, I was different from others. I knew from the time I was 10 years old that I wanted to pursue a career as a ballet dancer. I’m not going to go into all of the “inner struggles” that dancers face. This is not the time or place. It is my life, yes, but I do not want to discuss it on an internet blog. 

Anyway, I began taking it more seriously by the time I was 10. By 15, I had started doing a part-time high school schedule so that I could fit in more dance training. Now, this is the important part of why I was construed as “different”: I went to a private school composed of classic snobby kids. Anyone who didn’t follow the path of parties, alcohol, country music, and no self control was seen as a freak. None of those things (especially country music) struck me as “cool”. I did have friends, don’t get me wrong, but I was certainly not a part of the popular crowd. No, I fit in with the intellectuals and geeks. That’s where I liked it anyways.

Do you see where I could already be a pretentious hipster? I already loathed the “mainstream” ways that were all around me. I avoided them every way I could. I was already judging those around me because they judged me for being “different”.

Where does my brother fit in with all of this? Around the same time as I decided to pursue a career in dance, my brother showed me the wonderful world of music. I couldn’t tell you what was actually the first band he showed me, but I can remember a lot of the ones that changed my life. Now remember, he was a 13 year old boy, so his music taste hadn’t evolved much either. However, growing up in the South, we did get into our classic rock roots: The Allman Brothers, Led Zepplin, The Grateful Dead, Lynard Skynard, The Rolling Stones, etc. I even liked Dave Matthews Band (I still stick up for Under the Table and Dreaming). And, much to many people’s disbelief, Steely Dan. I still love them. The one band that I found to identify myself with the most was (of course, call me a cliche) Nirvana. I’m not going to say I found myself a counterpart to Kurt Cobain, no, but I did see where I agreed with things he believed (and didn’t believe) in. And of course the music was awesome.

By 14, my brother and I had found so much interesting and different music I was amazed. I had gotten into all sorts of genres and sub-genres. I listened to everything from generic rock to folk rock, to punk ska, to alternative. I suppose my favorite genre to this day is still alternative, because it can support such wide variety under its umbrella. I could find a song to match any one of my moods, and then some. I couldn’t have been happier with this new world I was in. 

Except I made it my mission (I still do sometimes) to find bands that my brother had never heard of. Being on the cusp of the MySpace era, that was no problem at all. I found a band via MySpace who was still in their “first EP” stage. Where are they today? Their second album is now finally being recognized over here in ‘Murica. Of course I do not attribute their fame to me, I am merely saying that I embody that “I-knew-them-long-before-all-you-posers” hipster quality. I have that with several very popular bands now. It does sicken me a little that some of these bands are now known as “cool” by all those mainstream folks.

So there you have it, I suppose. I deem myself a pretentious hipster because I am (almost always) against everything that everyone else finds “cool”. Feel free to scoff. Because I did too.

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